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1/31 - Giuseppe's paper has been highlighted on the Columbia Cancer Center website!



10/21 - Sam's review on CRISPR screening technologies for the study of homologous recombination is out in Current Opinions in Genetics and Development!

9/21 - Angelo's paper has been highlighted on the Columbia Cancer Center website!

8/21 - Angelo's paper on the role of translesion synthesis in BRCA1/2-deficient cancer cells has been accepted in Molecular Cell!

3/21 - The Ciccia lab has been highlighted on the Columbia Stem Cell Initiative website!

2/21 - Raquel's paper has been highlighted on the Columbia website!



12/20 - Raquel's paper on the use of base editing screens to interrogate human variants has been accepted in Cell!

06/20 - Alberto is awarded a Mary Kay Foundation Cancer Research Grant!

06/20 - Tarun is now Dr. Nambiar!

05/20 - Jen-Wei's paper on the identification of MCM8IP as stimulator of the MCM8-9 helicase has been accepted in Nature Communications!

01/20 - Alberto has been promoted to Associate Professor with tenure!

01/20 - Pierre's paper on DTECT, a novel method to identify genetic variants introduced by genome editing, has been accepted in Cell Reports!


09/19 - Our first preprint on a novel MCM8-9 interactor required for homologous recombination is now online in bioRxiv!


06/19 - Raquel is awarded the EMBO Long-Term Fellowship!

05/19 - Tarun's paper on the stimulation of CRISPR-mediated homology-directed repair by RAD18 has been accepted in Nature Communications!


09/18 - Raquel joins our laboratory!

05/18 - The Pershing Square Sohn Prize awardees are announced in The New York Times!

05/18 - The Pershing Square Sohn Cancer Research Alliance celebrates Alberto's award with a video of the Ciccia lab!

05/18 - Alberto is awarded the Pershing Square Sohn Prize to study how genome instability activates the innate immune signaling in breast cancer!

05/18 - Alberto receives the Irma T. Hirschl Award!


04/18 - Alberto receives the Schaefer Research Scholar Award to study cancer-relevant gene variants using CRISPR-mediated base editing!

01/18 - Giuseppe is awarded a fellowship from the Italian Association for Cancer Research (AIRC)!


09/17 - Our second paper on the role of SNF2-family fork remodelers in BRCA1/2-deficient cells has been accepted in Molecular Cell!


08/17 - Our first paper on iSTOP has been accepted in Molecular Cell!

07/17 - Sam joins our laboratory!

06/17 - Giuseppe is awarded an American-Italian Cancer Foundation fellowship!


01/17 - Giuseppe joins our laboratory!


11/16 - Jen-Wei is awarded a Cancer Biology Training Grant position!

08/16 - Tarun joins our laboratory!

04/16 - Alberto is awarded his second R01 grant from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences to study how transcription is regulated in response to DNA damage!


04/16 - Alberto is awarded a Career Catalyst Research Grant from the Susan G. Komen Foundation to study the impact of replication fork damage on breast cancer predisposition!


12/15 - Alberto receives a Liz Tilberis Award from the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund to study the mechanisms of BRCA1-dependent tumor suppression in ovarian cells!


11/15 - Alberto is awarded his first R01 grant from the National Cancer Institute to study the role of replication fork remodeling in maintaining genome stability!


09/15 - Pierre joins our laboratory!


08/15 - Sarah is the first graduate student to join our laboratory!


07/15 - Silvia joins our laboratory!

06/15 - Max is the first undergraduate student to join our laboratory!


05/15 - Jen-Wei is awarded an Ines Mandl Fellowship to find novel genes mutated in Schimke immuno-osseous dysplasia!


04/15 - Sarah is awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship to characterize novel components of the DNA damage response!



12/14 - Alberto receives a Young Investigator Grant from the Breast Cancer Alliance to study DNA replication defects exhibited by breast cancer cells!


05/14 - Angelo joins our laboratory!


02/14 - Jen-Wei is the first postdoc to join our laboratory!


01/14 - Opening of the Ciccia laboratory in the Irving Cancer Research Center at Columbia University Medical Center!

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